Accident and Collision Towing

Towing Services in Pittsburgh for Accidents and Collisions

Have you been involved in a collision with another vehicle that rendered yours undriveable? Whatever the circumstance, Pittsburgh Towing Services has the tools, know-how, and experience to transfer your automobile safely, whether it is stuck in the water, turned on its side, or severely damaged after colliding with an object.

Allow Pittsburgh Towing Services to take care of your car and start the insurance claims process. Upon your request, Pittsburgh Towing Services will be delighted to submit an estimate to your auto insurance provider. We work with the majority of significant insurance providers in the Pittsburgh area!

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Collision Towing Near You

We at Pittsburgh Towing are here to help you with your collision recovery and accident towing needs if you have been in a car accident and your vehicle is no longer safe to drive. Thanks to our quick response times, secure towing procedures, friendly employees, and all-around excellent customer service, insurance companies highly recommend us.

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What is the fate of the vehicle which suffered from the collision?

The fate of the car or vehicle mostly depends on its condition and the physical condition of the driver. If you are the owner of the car, you can give instructions on where to tow the car. But, if you are too injured to make a conscious decision, the car is to be taken to a tow yard. In some cases, the vehicle is also taken to the collision repair shop.

If you are not too injured, you must instruct the car to be taken to the repair shop. That way, you can save a significant amount of money on administrative, storage, and other fees. There is no need for the towing company to take the car to the tow yard and then to the repair shop. And, if you have a specific body repair shop in mind, you must tell it to the towing company. If not, they can offer suggestions.

As the leading Tow Truck Pittsburgh company, we offer excellent accident and collision towing services. You can truly rely on our team of skilled professionals to help you out.

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What if the car can’t be saved?

In some cases, the accidents are so severe that the car cannot be saved. It usually means that the cost of repeating the car is more compared to its actual value. In that case, the best solution is to let the car go. If you have insurance, the company will pay the value of the car.

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